Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Timberneck in August

"Smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor..."

We venture out in all weather and sometimes wish we didn't.  Most of the time, we are glad to be free of the docklines, free from boat chores and life chores.  At least for a while.  Even a short sojourn clears the mind and invigorates our emotional batteries.  We are glad to come back to shore, sometimes more weather wise but always looking forward to the next outing...

Mid September weekend's channel 16 traffic centered around this poor ship who was left abandoned around Mosquito point, R8, Rappahannock River.  The river goes shallow to less than 2 feet at this triangular extension of land to the river.  

The winds graced the Bay on the last two week of working man 's Summer.  We ventured forth to the Eastern Shore and the Eastern Shore came to Deltaville.

The low tide at Onancock creek has this man frolicking with his dog, walking on water.

There are moments that are crystallized in memory:  the meeting of two Jeanneau sisters in mid Bay with both photographs taken just seconds apart...

photo by NMC

Just a weekend at the end of August but signaling an end of summer and the start of school and more serious months to come.

Fishing boats out in force cohabiting the Bay with sailors!  Just like at Timberneck Marina.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Timberneck Life

Deltaville is awash after a summer's rain.  Timberneck Marina is a shelter from the storms of life and urban living.  Run by Billy and Marsha Norton, it is a kind, gentle place.  There is solitude and also fellowship.   Surrounded by marine expertise, rapid first aid is available to whatever ailments plagues your cherished vessel.  Billy checks the lines in the evening and Marsha gives sustenance to the flowering plants.

JFK once remarked, "a rising tide lifts all boats. "  When I enter Timberneck, I do feel lifted from the rumbles of everyday life and time seems to slow down.  Timberneck is safe harbor from which to venture out to the Chesapeake and to the Sea.  Our hearts quicken when we see our vessel resting in her slip.   There is clarity to the cycle of the tides and moon.   A new day beckons.